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Women are dominating cannabis in the U.S.

Created on Saturday, 05 Aug 2017 01:00:00

It’s long been assumed – and reinforced by popular culture – that partaking in the delights of weed is a male-dominated pastime. But in the U.S., women are giving this notion a run for its money. As cannabis becomes less stigmatised and edges towards widespread legality, women are emerging as the industry’s economic drivers and entrepreneurs.

Women make up roughly 36 percent of the leaders in the cannabis industry, including 63 percent of high-level positions, according to a survey by Marijuana Business Daily. This is vastly higher than the rest of the business world where women hold just 5 percent of the CEO jobs and 25 percent of the leadership roles. But unlike other industries where the barriers to entry are as old as time, the youth of the cannabis market make it so that women don’t have to “break in,” but simply walk in and light it up.

These women are also more likely than men to pioneer products and experiences that appeal to women: skin care products, ganja yoga, retreats, healthcare products and smoking accessories devoid of the classic, masculine marketing and packaging that dominated the underground industry for so long. Additionally, women have founded new media outlets targeting female stoners, started organisations to bring other women into the industry, developed the technology behind ancillary products, and are some of the biggest activists and advocates of legal weed. And, of course, women are also doing the hard labor of growing and processing top notch weed.

Basically, when it comes to weed, women are everywhere, leading some to speculate that cannabis may be the first billion-dollar industry in the U.S. to be dominated by women. We’ll see, but in the meantime, light one up for the ladies everywhere. 


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