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Sponsor Profile: Humboldt Seed Organization

Created on Tuesday, 18 Jul 2017 22:00:00

Humboldt Seed Organization is located in the heart of California's cannabis industry, so it's no wonder the premium seed bank has offers some of the highest quality seeds in the world. With over 4,500 active outdoor gardens and a rich history of indoor cultivation, Humboldt County has become the epicenter of one of the most cutting-edge and controversial groups of cannabis cultivators on the planet, which has been pushing the boundaries of natural and organic forms of cultivation, creating some of the best medical cannabis strains in California for more than 40 years.

HSO has grown by bringing together these first-rate growers and breeders from the region. Ranging from 15 to 25 years of experience, collectively HSO has one of the largest libraries in the modern day cannabis community. With a specific focus on medical marijuana seeds, HSO is not only known for their high quality seeds, but also for their extensive investment in research and genetics to develop new, improved marijuana for the future. 

HSO showcases a wide variety of feminized seeds derived from Californian genetics noted for their heavy-yield, strong effect and genuine flavours and aromas, as well as a collection of autoflowering seeds that preserve each and every of the old-school traits, providing everyone with the chance to experience amazing sensations regardless of their region or their experience. Addtionally, HSO's bank of "regular seeds" aim to transport the user back to 1960’s California by keeping intact the potency, flavor, aroma and beauty of some of the best cannabis seeds ever to be created, and its medicinal seeds offers high-CBD yields. 

Visit HSO at this year's Product Earth Expo and see for yourself the premium quality the company has to offer. 


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