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Callie Blackwell - The Boy in Seven Billion

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Saturday, 2 September, 2017

Speaking Times:  Saturday 02 September 2017 - 16:30 to 17:15

Callie Blackwell is the author of The Boy In 7 Billion, the story of a mother who had one last chance to save her dying son and took it. Deryn was just 11 when he was given two days left to live but when his mother, Callie gave him cannabis tincture that she had read about on line as a final hope suddenly things started looking up. Deryn is now 17 and is very well and healthy being given the all clear from two rare forms of cancer.

Their story has been told on This Morning, BBC and on the radio nationally as well as featuring in The Mirror and The Daily Mail. The video of their interview went viral within a day and is still recieving view and shares today. We look forward to welcoming the Blackwell family to Product Earth.

Callie Blackwell and her husband Simon, of Norfolk, decided to give her teen son Deryn the Class B drug after he became addicted to the anti-sickness drugs he was being given at hospital.

In her new book – The Boy in Seven Billion – Callie tells the story of her then 10-year-old son being diagnosed with leukaemia in 2010 and Langerhans Cell Sarcoma – a rare and aggressive cancer, two years later.

Deryn, now 17, has since defied doctors by surviving two deadly cancers.  The youngster is dubbed the “boy in seven billion” because he is thought to be the only person to have had both conditions at the same time.


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